The Mighty Meteorite

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To My Readers

by Hyperion

Okay, so I realise that I probably should have made this blog about a year or two ago, but better late than never, right? I've got a few points that I'd like to address, so if you're interested, please read through :D


  1. Firstly, I am sorry that each issue takes so long to come out. As you'll no doubt have noticed, I do everything myself - the writing, the drawing, the inking, the colouring, etc. Therefore, each issue easily takes 4-6 days from start to finish, assuming that I spend about 5+ hours on it each day, so I really do like to have a lot of spare time to make sure that I can finish it within reasonable time. So sorry to anyone who hates the long waits between issues (although if anyone would be willing to be super duper nice and take up art chores, feel free to send me an inbox).
  2. To everyone who has ever left a positive comment, given my comic a decent rating, or even enjoyed reading it, I cannot stress this enough: THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! Seriously, I rarely if ever get positive feedback, but I want to let all of you who have left it know that each time I do get some positive feedback, it warms my heart to no end. This is obviously far from being the best or most popular webcomic on the internet, so knowing that I have entertained even just one or two people with this little-known comic will always cheer me up to no end. Even if it is an unobtainable dream, I'd like to make it to the big comic book leagues one day (or even the big small leagues - here's looking at you, Image!), and every time I get some positive feedback, it makes me feel as though I am advancing just that tiny bit closer to that dream. So to sum up, THANK YOU!
  3. The stats for this page usually have around 30-odd people checking out the comic each day. Whether you're immediately clicking on it and being turned off by the art, checking it in the hope of a new update, or reading through it one page a day, I'd like to thank you people as well. Whatever your reason, the very fact that you're checking it out does nothing but add to the sense of accomplishment and achievement which I'm getting from writing and drawing this series. So even if you hated it from minute one, the fact that you're interested enough to give it a glance at least is just as helpful and friendly as the points I made in the previous point.
  4. To those readers who have read through the series, or at least read 2-3 issues, thanking for sticking to it in spite of the art. You'll see all over the comments my criticisms of my own artwork, and you can tell that I obviously wish that I was much better than I am. Nevertheless, you guys are the ones who are enjoying it (or at least trying it out) based mostly upon the story, which in itself is another compliment. So once again, thank you for looking past the art and into the substance of the story.

To sum up, I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart that I can't update more often, but nevertheless I thank you loyal readers who have read every issue since the start, or at least are curious enough to check the series out. You guys truly are the best, and I hope that you all realise that.

Thank you for reading both the series, and this blog post!